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Say it with a card

"The measure of a life is not what that life accomplishes but rather the impact that life has on others." -Jackie Robinson. "Its all the little things we can do for others that add up to how impactful we are in someone's life and that is of immeasurable value in the grand scheme of things."

A little gesture and effort can mean so much to someone, and can
really make their, and your day brighter!

Use the promo code CARDS2023 to send someone a thoughtful message letting them know they are being thought of. This could be an "I'm thinking of you" message to lift their spirits or a message for them to read and laugh about on a good day!

Words can say so much and the action of sending them can make a world of a difference!

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Gifting Comfort

Survivors. Women. Experts in Care.

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We prioritize small businesses that are survivor-owned, women-owned, family-owned or from experts in the field of care to ensure each Giv crate is as full of exceptional products as it is love.

Ways to giv…

Build Your Own

Have a good idea of what you are looking for, explore the luxurious items to create an exceptional experience. Start Shopping!

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Grab, Go & Giv!

Based on experience and feedback, the shoppe has ready to give and pre-designed gifts to show love specific to individual experiences.


Not quite sure what you want to include in your gift box?

Complete a form and connect with the Giv Team for 1:1 support to curate a personalized care crate sure to provide love and care!

When you giv, the shoppe gives

It’s all about Giving!

At the end of each calendar year a percentage of proceeds will be donated to charities in the following categories: breast cancer care, cancer education and mental health.

Every month a care crate will be donated to a member or partner of Liv & Let. Nominate an individual or share an empowering organization TODAY!

featured items

Wings Blanket

It is the essence of light and airy. It is a neutral oat color with big, beautiful wings that pop off the back in whimsical fluff.

Comfort Now

Knitting Kit

You're gonna knit some sh*t! Well, a cowl to be exact. With this knit kit, you'll get everything you need to learn how to knit a beautiful cowl for those extra cold winter days.

Nurture Now

Cup of Love Tea

Cup of Love is a mild, nurturing, naturally sweet rose tea. Crafted by hand to reduce stress and soothe your soul. Just like a hug from your grandma. A floral, olfactory release.

Soothe Now

Inspirational Grip Socks

Empowering you to be completely, authentically and happily YOU!

Be You Now

Hand Sanitizer

A destination for touch-lovers— the people who lovehuman touch—those who live life sensorily, curiously, passionately, and fearlessly... but not recklessly. Stay safe, smart, sensual, and sanitized.

Sanitize Now

Hand poured Candles

Artfully hand-poured by the young moms in Bright Endeavors’ paid job training program, each candle lights the way toward strong families and bright futures.

Be A Light Now

Breast Surgery Care


Made of soft, silky stretch fabric and containing a hypoallergenic fill, the pillow easily adjusts and conforms to the body for maximum comfort.


Ana Ono

There is nothing better to carry you (and your drains) through breast surgery recover.

Support Now

Nurture & Thrive

The most important thing is taking care of YOU, especially when it comes to a cancer diagnosis, mental illness, grief and all those other not so great things!


I love that with the crate service, you work with specific budgets to help guide others in conveying their love and care in a tangible, heart-felt way. My favorite product you carry is the silk-lined beanie! So luxurious and a way to care gently.


Knowing what you have gone through and helping others out there is such a great thing you're doing. 


Our friend was sweet enough to send one of your GIV boxes to my sister this year when she was preparing for her mastectomy and cancer treatment journey. It was a beautiful blessing and we all loved it.


So simple and easy!


My axillapilla is still being used and has been my most used item. I had to have a second surgery which made my recovery process longer. You are so incredibly helpful!