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Meet Lauren

Lauren Lopriore is a mother, wife, breast cancer survivor, entrepreneur and thriver.

During and after from her own cancer experience, Lauren began sourcing and sharing the essential items for nurturing oneself or loved ones during treatment and in survivorship.


Why We Do It

The Giv Shoppe and Liv & Let a community and information hub for people impacted by cancer, are the labors of this love. Together with previvors, survivors and caregivers, Lauren creates space to share resources, tell our stories and support one another.

Lauren carefully selects, tests and –when needed! – tastes each item ordered on Giv Shoppe, garnering feedback from others and meeting with potential partners in person whenever possible. Lauren knows how highly personal every person’s selfcare, wellness and cancer journey is, from those with a cancer diagnosis to the people who love and care for them. She brings a highly personal touch and her impeccable taste to her work sourcing, stocking and curating the care items available.

Lauren looks to bring support, resources and carefully selected items curated to enhance wellness and encourage selfcare, all wrapped up in a little luxe.

Our friend was sweet enough to send one of your GIV boxes to my sister this year when she was preparing for her mastectomy and cancer treatment journey. It was a beautiful blessing and we all loved it.


Our Community

The Giv Shoppe is one part of the broader community of care we’re building at Liv & Let.

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In the Press

Cancer Wellness gave Lauren the platform to first talk about her diagnosis and small businesses, Liv & Let and Giv Shoppe. Lauren shares that the blog and information hub not only allowed her to highlight all of the nitty-gritty nuances that come with a diagnosis and resources to cope with them, but it also ended up serving as the launchpad for her one-stop shop for warriors and supporters- Giv Shoppe (once called Giv by Liv & Let).

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Lauren shared her journey and plans for the future with Jenny & Sheena, the hosts of the podcast And Then We Had Kids, in their Breast Cancer Awareness Month episode.

Listen along as Sheena and Lauren tell their stories, and remember to "Feel it on the First!"

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Read about Lauren's experience with diagnosis, treatment and the unexpected challenges of survivorship on the Dr. Susan Love Foundation blog. Lauren shared: My hope is that my story will go on for many more years. I am doing my best to make sure that it’s not just about breast cancer, but also about being a mom and a wife, a breast cancer, advocate, an entrepreneur, and a resilient young woman that is going to make a difference!

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