Can I purchase by phone? Yes, please reach out to lauren@livandlet.com so we can schedule time to place an order. I will have office hours set up in the near future. Thanks.


Shipping, Fees, & More

Do you ship internationally? At this time we only ship in the United States. Check back as this may change in the near future.

When will I receive my order? There will be a processing time of 2-3 days. We  offer standard shipping for $10.



How do I add a card with a personalized message? Please purchase a card and send an email with your personalized message including your information and the recipient's information.

How do I get assistance personalizing a care crate? Please complete a form at LivandLet.com/gifting-comfort OR head to "Personalize A Care Crate" and fill out the contact information. A few details before leaving the shoppe:

  • Liv & Let will review the form and reach out within 24 hours to discuss budget, products, cancer stage and more.
  • There is a $15 service fee (Included in this fee is the basket, wrapping, ribbon, printing and time).
  • Standard shipping is $10.

Discounts? We offer 10% off for patients and survivors.



How do I nominate a friend, family member or organization to receive a donated curated care crate? Each month Liv & Let and "The Giv Shoppe" donate a care crate valued at $100 to a survivor or caregiver in need of care and comfort or a care crate valued at a $200 value to support a fundraising event.

Please email lauren@livandlet.com to nominate a loved one.

Does Liv & Let giv-back in other ways?

At the start of each calendar year, Liv & Let and the community impacted by cancer will nominate organizations that are making magic happen for the cancer  and mental health community with a new program, fundraising event or by just doing what they do. The community will then vote and choose 2-3 organizations to receive a monetary donation or crate to support their programming and fundraising. At the end of the year The Giv Shoppe will write a check or curate a crate!

How does The Giv Shoppe and Liv & Let giv-back?

For each shoppe purchase made, a percentage is contributed to the crate fund which allows us to send one crate each month as well as a monetary donation to 2-3 organizations at the end of each calendar year.

Are you an organization that would like to be supported or do you have an organization you’d like to introduce to Liv & Let, please reach out to Lauren@LivandLet.com