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Breast Reconstruction Care Premade Gift

Breast Reconstruction Care Premade Gift

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Robe with drain pockets: 

The Miena Robe with Drain Management Belt is the ultimate recovery lounge piece. The thoughtful design lets you wear this robe during treatment, recovery and well beyond.

- Comes with a belt that allows you to easily tie this loose wrap robe

- Inner belt with two detachable pouches that can be used for post-mastectomy drain management

Breast Buddy:

The Breast & Chest Buddy™ is a unique, patented seatbelt cocoon to better cushion delicate mastectomy and breast reconstruction sites. No mastectomy patient should leave the hospital or breast center without the Breast & Chest Buddy™ in place.

Inspiration Sticky Socks:

Stick to Being You̴ and keep motivated during your daily exercise with these non-slip grip socks with inspirational messages.



Luxurious and functional, the Miena Robe from AnaOno is the ultimate loungewear piece for breast surgery and post-reconstruction recovery. Every feature has been carefully designed with maximum comfort in mind. The super-soft modal fabric feels utterly luxurious against your skin and won't irritate any areas that are still healing. The lightweight feel is perfect for covering up without getting too warm. This soft robe also has a convenient front tie closure, which is perfect for those recovery days when it's tough to pull tops on and off over your head.

The Miena robe's thoughtful design provides the ideal breast cancer apparel clothing option during treatment and recovery. However, it's so cozy that you'll want to keep wearing for years after. Treat yourself to loveliest lightweight robe or get one as a thoughtful gift for a survivor, thriver, or previvor in your life.