Breast Surgery Recovery & Therapy Bundle

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Mini Deep Therapy Cream - 2oz.($10.00)

This is the luscious, silky deep therapy cream you've been waiting for. Full of the best possible ingredients such as aloe and plant oils along with lavender essential oil suspended in cream so thick you must dip in with your fingers to apply it. Your skin will begin to show its appreciation right away. Damaged or rough skin soaks up the healing benefits in a matter of seconds. Apply it before retiring to sleep as it gives your skin plenty of time to maximize the healing benefits.

Ingredients: water cetearyl alcohol glycerin shea butter glyceryl monostearate sunflower seed oil palm oil coconut oil beeswax dimethicone phenoxyethanol carbomer tocopherol sodium citrate lavender essential oil

Tone + Sculpt Workout Bands ($18.00)
Apres Beauty
Meet your new go-to workout accessory! Enhance your exercise routine with our Tone + Sculpt Resistance Bands. The bands are made with 3 different resistance levels and designed to help increase your flexibility, range of motion, strength, and condition.The bands are made out of 100% natural, durable latex. Grab yours now and get your sculpt on! Test your strength and flexibility with 3 different resistance levels to complement your workout.
Dry Brush ($18)

This Dry Brush is composed of grass tree wood, all-natural bristles, and finely wound hemp twine around the handle. The ancient practice of dry brushing improves circulation from head to toe and exfoliates the top layer of skin for a brighter, firmer surface all over. The skin is left invigorated from short, quick strokes of the soft bristles across the entire body, including arms, legs, and torso. The Dry Brush Measures 8” long x 3” wide and is 1 ⅛” thick.
How to use: The Dry Brush is the first step in your bathing ritual, use it before you step into the shower or tub. Starting at the feet, use short, quick strokes moving upwards towards the heart. Take a moment to notice the how the brush moves the energy throughout your body. Continue to brush the entire body this way, using medium pressure on arms and legs, and more gentle pressure on the torso, thighs, and neck.

When you’re finished, take three deep breaths in gratitude for the energy your body creates. Over time, try to work up to a 5 Minute Dry Brush Ritual every day to keep the skin super soft and the energy flowing.

Daily Ritual:
Use the Dry Brush before you bathe. Start with a 2 Minute Dry Brush Ritual, and work your way up to a 5 Minute Daily Ritual.

Weekly Ritual:
Make the Dry Brush part of your weekly self care ritual by taking your time and noticing your skin’s renewed smooth texture, firm appearance, and inner glow coming through.

Giv will donate a percentage of each sale of this bundle to Well Beyond.

Well Beyond Breast Cancer (WBBC) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the breast cancer community. Founded by an oncology physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist, it is WBBC mission to ensure that everyone, regardless of race, educational background, and income, has access to essential cancer care during and after breast cancer treatments.The WBBC Financial Assistance Program provides those in need with funding to pay for appointments of breast cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy with specialized physical/occupational therapists across the United States. To learn more about WBBC, please visit

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