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Daily Drinking Oil

Daily Drinking Oil

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Cutlivated for inside-out wellness, wildbranch is a high-polyphenol daily drinking oil made from organic, single-origin olives harvest early in the season on a family farm near Sparta, Greece. Practiced in the Mediterrean for centuries, one daily spoonful of wildbranch drinking oil is a simple and pure way to reap the benefits of polyphenols - micronutrients that promote heart, digestion and immune health.  One bottle is approximately a 2 week supply - it is recommend to buy two to ensure your wellness routine stays on track all month long. 

The early harvest oil is cultivated and bottled near Sparta, Greece at peak polyphenol potency. The farmers are meticulous in their care for each olive to maximize the benefits of our daily drinking oil. Wildbranch organic high-polyphenol oil is a simple, pure way to practice the Mediterranean lifestyle. 

Size: 8.5 oz / 250 ML

Total Polyphenols: 2,004 mg/kg

Awards: Gold Standard Award

Variety: Kalamata

Location: Sparta, Greece

Harvest: September 2021


Why we love it: We love the health benefits, that it's family owned and that it's a smooth and tasty product to add to your wellness routine.